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Why People Stay in a Job Longer Than They Should

Why People Stay in a Job Longer Than They Should

Changing permanent jobs on a frequent basis is a problem and eventually will prevent companies from seeing you as a viable hiring option. That said, staying at a job too long when an employee really knows they should leave is also a problem. Remaining in a job that is no longer a good fit or one that isn’t taking you towards your career goals can be driven by both practical and emotional reasons. Some of the practical reasons are things like a decent paycheck, benefits, and the anticipation of future work experience that will look good on your resume. While these things all matter, it’s worth asking if you could get these things or improve upon them at another company that would be a better opportunity and cultural fit. Some of the emotional reasons employees stay are fear of making a change, concerns about the unknowns in a new job opportunity, or a sense of loyalty you feel towards your current boss and colleagues. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these and the psychology behind why people stay at a role that is no longer serving their best long term interest.
Tuesday, November 27, 2018/Author: Moe Harrison /Number of views (34379)/Comments (47)/ Article rating: 3.3
Leaders Share Advice to Their Younger Self

Leaders Share Advice to Their Younger Self

We’ve All Been There
No matter who you are, we all have that one thing—that one situation—we regret or would do differently. Whatever it is, reflection is a good tool to make that specific situation be a lesson to you, or someone else contemplating the same decision.
Tuesday, November 13, 2018/Author: Pete Langlois/Number of views (13286)/Comments (99)/ Article rating: 4.5
How to Sell Your Side Hustle in Your Next Interview

How to Sell Your Side Hustle in Your Next Interview

“Should I mention my side hustle during the interview?” - A common question asked by many job seekers deciding how to leverage each piece of their experience when talking to a hiring manager. Truth is, the main thing on your mind when walking into an interview is how to “wow” the company with your professional skills, while translating all of the words on your resume into why you should be the leading candidate for this role. Most of the information listed on resumes is everything that person accomplished at a 9-5 job, but, sometimes, the expertise needed most for your next big break is found in your side gig. To avoid discounting these talents, here is how to sell your side hustle and successfully connect it to the bigger picture.
Tuesday, November 06, 2018/Author: Laurie Knafo/Number of views (20981)/Comments (58)/ Article rating: 4.5
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