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Best Practices in Interviewing Accountants

Best Practices in Interviewing Accountants

How do you interview effectively in order to identify the best candidate for an accounting position?

First, let’s assume that you have already identified those likely to be a good fit for the position based on their resumes. You have a field of candidates from which to choose with the right education, experience, accomplishments, and a progression of increasingly responsible positions.

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The Importance of “Soft Skills”

The Importance of “Soft Skills”

How important are “soft skills” in the workplace?

In Anthony Mersino’s book, Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers, he identifies seven benefits of possessing and using soft skills; including developing relationships to support project success, avoiding emotional breakdowns, managing conflict, making better decisions, communicating more effectively, creating high morale, and casting a vision that attracts, inspires and motivates the project team.

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Retaining Your Finance Staff

Retaining Your Finance Staff

Keeping good employees is smart business.

The good news is that according to a recent employment study of finance professionals, most - 53 percent - indicated they preferred to stay with their current employer.

Finance professionals possess marketable skills and have more opportunities to move than those in some other job categories. It is, therefore, no surprise that the top two factors for retention are pay linked to performance and opportunity for advancement.

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