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How to Resolve Conflict with a Co-Worker

How to Resolve Conflict with a Co-Worker

It is often recommended that we try to separate our personal lives from our professional lives. As hard as we try to keep the relationships in both unattached, that can be extremely challenging considering just how many hours we actually spend with co-workers. Have you every stopped to think about that number? At least 40 – on a good week – surpassing the amount of time we have with family and friends. Because of this, bonds are easily created with our colleagues that are unlike any other. On the flip side, spending so much time (either in-person or virtually these days) can often result in arguments that aren’t resolved by the time 5 o’clock rolls around. Here are a few ways to confront the issue before it takes a toll on your performance:
Tuesday, June 30, 2020/Author: Laurie Knafo/Number of views (6451)/Comments (65)/ Article rating: 5.0
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