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Dealing with COVID-19 Burnout

Dealing with COVID-19 Burnout

It’s been almost a year since the world has been in and out of lockdowns due to COVID-19 and everyone has experienced stress, to one degree or another, due to the pandemic. For many, work has changed; either with a layoff related to the pandemic and having to find a new job, or a change of their physical space and are now working remotely from home. The distraction of family members while working remotely, as well as the constant need to feel logged-on, has only exacerbated employee’s stress levels. Needless to say, it’s been a long year, and we still don’t know how much longer life (with some lockdown restrictions) will continue like this. All of this has led many feeling burnt out, or “over it”. If you’re wondering what exactly work burnout is, and what you can do about it, then read below for our take and suggestions…
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