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How to Decompress after a Stressful Work Day

How to Decompress after a Stressful Work Day

Author: Laurie Knafo/Tuesday, February 25, 2020/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, Workplace Issues, SNI Certes, Workplace Issues, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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Congrats- you made it! The clock just turned 5pm and you are ready to be done for the workday. Your day was packed with important tasks, meetings, calls, emails and messages and you are spent. So how can you recover before getting back to it again tomorrow? Especially if you have a family to go home to and people that depend on you in the evening? In today’s blog we are going to look at some simple things you can do to quickly recover after a stressful day so you can recharge before tackling tomorrow like a champ.

Release Tension
On your way out of the office, notice where you are holding tension in your body. Take some deep breaths, unclench your jaw, roll back your shoulders and become conscious of your body. On the commute home listen to relaxing music and try and let the workday go. If you need extra support, a quick guided meditation (found on YouTube or Headspace) can do wonders.

Do a Brain Dump
Got a lot on your mind and feeling frazzled? A quick brain dump where you jot down all the thoughts in your head can help you process and prioritize things. Need more guidance on this topic? Here is a great article.

Take a Walk or Work out
With daylight savings right around the corner, your days of getting home when it is dark outside will soon be over. A quick walk outside will do wonders helping you transition from your workday into your evening. Make it a routine if possible (and if you have a dog they’ll thank you too). Important note: if you choose to do an intense workout after leaving the office try and give yourself a few hours between exercising and going to sleep. An intense workout raises your heart rate and adrenaline levels so it’s important to allow your body to wind before going to bed. Which brings us to our next point…

Get some Sleep
Good sleep is gold when it comes to recharging. There are a number of things you can do to set yourself up to sleep better: set your room temperate between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, have a hot shower or bath before bed, take a magnesium supplement, etc. One thing that will have multiple benefits is to disconnect from all digital devices an hour before bed. Not only will the blue light from the devices affect your ability to get to sleep, but the constant news feed and continual work emails can raise your stress levels. Try your best to put your laptop, phone, and tablet away and out of sight for optimal sleep and stress reduction.


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Laurie Knafo
Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.

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Full biography

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.


30 comments on article "How to Decompress after a Stressful Work Day"

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2/26/2020 5:39 AM

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